Welcome To Glow Up University

Who We Are?

It’s no secret that women entrepreneurs are massively under-represented; women create only 28 percent of startups worldwide.

This low representation could be attributed to multiple factors, including lack of exposure, lack of funding, lack of trust in women as entrepreneurs, and lack of skill development.

At Glow Up University, we aim to change this.

We understand the crucial need to invest in women as business owners and to help them realize their role and potential in driving innovations and economic growth.

This is exactly why we’re providing women with the ideal landscape to learn and grow.

Glow Up University – by women, for women – aims to equip women with the skills necessary to build and develop their own businesses. We strive to educate, motivate, and assist in legacy building through business development and skill development programs.

Glow Up University is exactly the female-led supportive community you need to jumpstart and build your business.

So, join us, to be empowered like never before!


How We Work?

Glow Up University provides a wide range of skill development programs that can help you kickstart and grow your business!

With a team that’s found by women, managed by women, and is for women, Glow Up University understands what women need to be successful – simply because it hits home for us.

We are on a mission to help over 10,000 women, and anyone who doesn’t identify as a man, transform their lives through skill development programs, education, and economics.

Apart from our well-designed and specialized courses, we also regularly provide traffic tips on our Facebook, Instagram & Youtube pages that can help YOU expose your business to new prospects and become the business owner you’ve always aspired to be.

From time to time, we also drop lists of companies that you can apply for employment opportunities.

To sum it up, Glow Up University provides you with the resources you need to succeed.

With the necessary combination of skill and dedication, you can easily grow your business to new heights!

We Stand out among the crowd.